Mobile phones are still the easiest and deadliest way for terrorists to remotely detonate explosives. In order to curb this deadly use of mobile phones, governments in some countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have already imposed mandatory registration of prepaid SIM card users. To use compulsory SIM registration, users are required to present a valid ID, photo or register their biometrics prior to SIM card activation. Existing users who are unable to register their SIM card within the specified period will deactivate their card and disconnect from the network.
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[Telpo Solution]

1)Single Fingerprint Mobile Device

2) All-in-one Four to Ten Fingers Identification Desktop Device

Telpo SIM registration solution is designed for countries, governments, operators, etc that need to collect and capture user biometric data, and then linkage with national identity. To simplify and accelerate the process of collecting customer data while ensuring security and reliability, Telpo SIM registration device S10 comes with multi-modal data acquisition methods.

①The FAP 60 Fingerprint Scanner with FBI: The Lighting Emitting Sensor (LES) technology and resolution of 500 DPI ensure citizen can quickly capture their ten-finger (4-4-2) and realize fingerprint authentication.

②NFC reader: In line with ISO14443 Type A/B, ISO18092, MIFARE, Felica, ISO15693 compliant and operating frequency 13.56MHz, the device allows reading citizen identity information.

③IC card reader: ID card reading is available.

④Iris scanner and MRZ scanner (optional): Iris recognition and ePassport reading are also supported.

[Highlight of Telpo Solution]

1) Our approach is focused on combining revolutionary biometric technology with automatic ID card reading and powerful face vision into a device that can support the system.

2) Handheld, desktop, carrying box and other types with stable network connection and long-lasting battery life. People who use it can use them comfortably, making the daily collection of digital information easier than ever.

3) Avoid the impact on the most vulnerable groups. The all-in-one biometric registration and verification device provides the convenience of SIM card registration for the disabled, the elderly, people with reading difficulties and foreign tourists.

4) The SIM card registration solution helps to register SIM cards in remote areas and implements a mechanism to prevent the emergence of the SIM card black market.

Benefits to regulators

l Direct support for international SIM registration procedures

l Combating device theft, crime and terrorism

l Crack down on illegal imports of equipment and increase taxes

l Protect consumers from counterfeit devices

l Identify the actual user of any mobile device

l Promoted access to e-government services.

Benefits for operators

l Prevent incompatible devices from using the network

l Protect the network from congestion by unauthorized devices

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