In an increasingly digital world, protecting confidential information and man-management is becoming more difficult. Biometric authentication technology uses unique traits or behavioral characteristics, which is more scientific and high efficiency to deal with these dilemmas instead of the traditional ways. For the focus on safety and protection, access control has been established everywhere, such as schools, factories, company buildings, etc. Existing security equipment often causes users a lot of inconvenience because of the loss, forgetting or damage of the IC card. Combined with biometric face verification technology, this problem is effectively solved. Biometric Access Control solution not only has its own advantage to prevent privacy from giving away but also offer convenience and security to man-management. Therefore, having true access control for your business doesn't only mean preventing access to high-security areas. It also means ensuring that employees and visitors can gain access to the areas needed at the right times with minimal barriers.
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  • Convenience – With the solution, your company only allows people to get to where they are needed at the right times.

  • Security – it can prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas enhancing security capability.

  • Stability – Access Control based on biometric technology which depends on your biometric information and these will not change over time.

[Telpo Solution]

Telpo Access Control solution will monitor the locations of all individuals within your buildings providing a full audit trail, you can control what people are given access to and you can ensure access is granted to the correct individual or group at the right time.

Telpo provides various series of biometric terminals to supply your demand, such as TPS950, TPS 980, etc. These two products will be your best choice to deal with the straits in Access Control, which are the powerful Face Recognition terminals. For Face Recognition, Telpo terminals support Monocular, binocular and 3D structured light.

Telpo can also perform custom functions. According to the different purposes, Telpo support fingerprint, iris, face, voice, 4G, NFC, and so on. As the leading smart device provider, Telpo can furnish cost-effective Access Control solutions to the vast number of users.

At the same time, Telpo Cloud can help you to manage the terminals at any time and any place. In a nutshell, your satisfaction will be the best present for us.


Three Alternative Solutions

For Personnel

Reduce personnel contact time and improve traffic efficiency.
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For Managers

Timely report abnormal situation and further reduce management risk.
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Telpo Bus

Bus and Fare Management Center
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